What do Girls Want?

Next week we'll be talking about LOVE! If you have questions you can submit them to yeahitscomplicated@gmail.com


Patricia Lages said...

It was my first time in this vlog and I loved it!!!!

Stephanie said...

Hahahah Really enjoyed this week's program! And Rebecca was soo funny! I loved the example she used about the little girl playing house and the little boy running away from her!! I'm still laughing LOL! And I agree. Theres so many thing ingrained in our brains since we're young (like having the guy, the perfect body, popularity..etc) so we kind of unconciously make goals for ourself and when we're a certain age and don't reach those goals, the insecurities kick in. We need to revaluate what goals we really want and how to get it. We're sooo complicated !! haha Love you girls. God bless ^_^

Sibon said...

I posted this video on my facebook and these are some of the comments the girls gave in regards to what girls want.
Love, money, attention, patience, understanding and someone they can trust.

Chrissy2497 said...

Good job ladies....it's a side of all of ya'll I'd never seen :) TTFN!!

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