How to Manage Your Time?

Carrying heavy baggage? Get rid of it!

LOUD Girls!

Don't Tell Anyone...

Have you heard that one before? I'm sure you did... :) Gossip is found almost everywhere and it's becoming harder and harder to stay away from it as the days go by. Beware of it's terrible consequences and learn how to avoid getting into this vicious cycle!

Kiss Your Low Self-Esteem Goodbye!

What Do Your Looks Have to Say About You? (Part 2)

What do Your Looks Have to Say About You? (Part 1)

Plastic surgery- can it make you happy?

Nowadays girls are getting plastic surgeries as their sweet 16 birthday gift instead of cars, and children are already being injected with botox- how far will this get?

It's a girl thing...

The Origin of "Complicatedness"

Get Ready...

Emotions, oh emotions...


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Setting the mood...

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What do Girls Want?

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Are girls complicated?

"Technical Difficulties"

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