LOUD Girls!


Alvaro Lima said...

Keep up the good work! May be next time you could talk about Bad Influenced Friends. Bad Friendship, how it affects our decisions.

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Camilla and Lynne said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing! :)

L E V said...
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L E V said...

Alynne & Camilla,

It's nice to see you here... :) (onde esta Bruna?) rsrs

It was a very good topic, advice on mannerism.

Good manners are lacking in our society, and also, it seems every other Sun. in our Church, cell phones are ringing during our meetings, people getting up for what?, etc..... They're all in bad form.

We, American folks, are naturally boisterous & loud; we don't quite know how to embrace our femininity and balance it. Because there are times we don't want to be perceived as "weak" which in turn means "walk all over me"; we want to send the message of "don't mess w/ me" by being loud. And many of us feed on that call of attention that you both discussed.

Maybe folks also want to make sure they're not invisible, so they are heard how? by being loud.

Looking forward to your next video. Agradable!



Ede said...

Señora haga el video en portugues!! Estare aguardando el el blog sim e complicado!!!

Sulma Navid said...

Thanks for the video. Sometimes without realizing we put off a bad image by speaking loud. This happens to me sometimes because I don't notice the volume of my voice, until someone mentions it to me... In my head my voice sounds fine... Not to others though, lol. Something I will work on! :) Thanks for sharing!

Omolade O said...

Interesting video Sibon, I used to be loud and speak any how but this was my personality I was not doing it for attention it was just me however through converting and joining Godllywood this has taught be how to portray myself. The key point as the lovely ladies mentioned in the video is to have a balance and this is what I learnt.

Vanessa Mendes said...

This is strong it seems simple
But some people can be really loud a time.
And this was my case sometime well before i use to laugh loud not to call attention but that's how i was i would laugh until tears came down or when i was told to be quite lol, then i would stop even sometimes this still happen because i love to laugh for real...
But a woman of God is discreet and knows when to laugh and how to laugh.
I have laernt his now and have changed!
Thank you for sharing and i love your lovely video Sibon. x

Anonymous said...

My opinion on loud girls is the same as the majority of responses that were given: they are unattractive.

There was one thing that one boy said which I found relates to a woman of God. I wouldn't know if he's a Christian but he said that a woman should be graceful, and if they're loud then it's not how a woman should be.

Most girls who are loud find themselves in trouble easily.
I don't mean to be rude, but the first girl who said that she didn't have a problem with loud girls is most probably because she is one. Like they say, birds of a feather flock together right...

Julia said...

Sooo loved this video, and your blog!
Already added as one of my favorite blogs!
God bless your work :)

Stephanie Martins said...

lolol Love Sibon! of course the hosts, the topics, the blog and the British accent!
Bottom line is: Loudness is not appreciated by anyone of any gender in any country. Cut it off. :)

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