Emotions, oh emotions...


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I love this Vlog, this particular post helped me so much as I am a very emotional person. Thank you.

Thays said...

This really felt like you guys were talking directly to me. (:
*Listen to your brain, listen to your brain*

Tay -Tay said...

Great acting Sulma and Rebecca, on what Mrs.Camilla said about shopping.
This is so true when we follower our hearts (emotions) it leads us to sadness and disappointments like what Mrs.Alynne shared even thou it ended badly but this happens when we allow our emotions to control our life.

Leyli said...

I remember at a very young age I hated looking in the mirror, thought I was ugly. Though no one was telling me that I was but I was listening and starting to believe that I was. Sometimes we put ourselves down and that is just an open door for the enemy to enter and work up our emotions and insecurities. I remember being suicial before too after a bad relationship, everything was going wrong and those voices came again but they were stronger. I didn't follow through and I believe God was hearing my moms prayers and He used her to invite me once more and I came to SiLC to find the freedom. I will stop writing if not I will write a hug story her:)

It is true about the Sale sign and then we buy things that we don't need at times. I remember not even looking at prices and that got myself into alot of trouble plus using up credit cards will not having a job is a no no. It is not thinking. Please learn from this bad experience and don't do it. I was very young then and I have learned alot but have much more to learn.

Another point you'll touched that I had problems with 2 times last week I was 1/2 hr late and I was so made at myself because I turned off my alarm and since I went to bed late I was tired in the morning and laid back down thinking I wouln't fall back to sleep but I was wrong.

I have changes to do and glad you are teaching us how to uncomplicate our lives.

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