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Carmo Dinis said...

Helloooo ladies!

Nice programm.
Sulma: "like the microwave? Really? That was funny..i think! rsrrss


Sulma Navid said...

Serial killer... hahaha so funny! Awww.. Mrs. Camilla's love declaration was soo cute! And who could forget Rebeca's childhood story? Lol! Good stuff!

ellie said...

Elvis Presley!! I love that song: )

Ok, well I wanted to put in my two cents on why girls like the "bad boy". : ) Girls want the bad boy because he shows confidence. He seems exciting, he appears to be fearless, he's not afraid to be "himself" (sometimes the bad boy is only what others want him to be). And that's attractive because deep down inside, girls want that in a guy because they feel he will protect them and make them feel good about themselves.
: ) I say this because I used to like the "bad boy" type, I don't know if anyone agrees or not.
: ) can't wait for the next program. : )

siomara said...

Hi to all..
Mrs Alyne you look so beautiful as always!
love the program is funny but all true...

Sulma Navid said...

I hope everyone understood my microwave example... I heard some didn't :(
In case you didn't, this is what I meant:

Back in the day they didn't have fast relationships everything was slower paced. People would take their time courting each other. But nowadays, basically due to fast food and technology, people expect a relationship to be like putting food in a microwave - fast! They want things to happen in a snap of the fingers...

Stephanie Martins said...

haaha..great laughs! Love you ladies!
People like challenges... My theory is that this whole waste of time of chasing the impossible happens because our emotions make us stupid...I am sick of hearing girls saying "I dont even know why I like him.." my answer is :Lack of perspective lol.... Go find some purpose for your life... right?
I agree,...crushes are exciting but then get old, love is built brick by brick..one day at a time..one struggle at a time...it is not about butterflies, it is about surviving snakes together..(deep uh??). Sisterhood of MA would love to give our stake on complicateness... keep us posted and I will keep on following.

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