What do Your Looks Have to Say About You? (Part 1)


Tay -Tay said...

This is true, the way we dress can really tell alot about us. Even I myself have an experience about and through the changes and teaching I got, I no longer think negitive anbout myself and with that inmind even how I dress changes. even now I still am working on how I dress, walk and talk. This is a very strong topic, I can't wait for whats coming soon.

Rebeca Rocha said...

Good topic to talks about. :) They say you are what you eat from your head to your feet, but its pretty obvious that also... you are what you wear from your dress to your hair.
I liked both Sulma and Maria's insight to their dressing history.

Camilla and Lynne said...

Hello Rebeca! We miss you dear friend... we're glad to have you here. :)

Thank you for sharing your views Tay-tay! Keep tuned for part 2, this coming Saturday!

Sibon Phiri said...

Just like Sulma and Maria, I too was influenced by my surroundings and friends when it came to the way I dressed. The worst thing is that nowadays, girls are not being themselves in the way they dress. Most dress in short, tight and revealing clothes to look sexy and gain attention but they are so insecure and fragile. They appear to be up for anything but the truth.is they do not even know what they want.

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