Kiss Your Low Self-Esteem Goodbye!


Tay -Tay said...

This as been this greatest battle with many, mostly (female)and I am glad you mention this topic. Even with me it was like a rope around my neck but after changing inside everything else change. Even through my process of changing when other will tell me something good I still felt ugly so I also shutdown as Mrs.Camilla mentioned.

Are you going to have a second part in this.

Sibon Phiri said...

Watching this reminded me of some of the insecurities I had and it starterd through a comment someone made. The biggest insecurity I had was my speech. I was born with a speech impediment and the teasing started at home followed by at school etc. I was a very quiet person, very afraid to open my mouth . As I got older and was told to believe in myself and ignore other peoples ignorance, I became confident and known as someone who likes to talk :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter Camilla, I'm glade that you find yourself and I sorry that you have my nose, but it's life and gens and we can not due anything about.. Well I fell the same way when I'm young but after my teenage years I find the same good things that you find in yourself..
I like a lot all the comments and continue with your blog here because I'm sure that's a lot people with the same problems... Kisses and God bless you..

Anonymous said...

Camilla's dad! How sweet is that?!

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