It's a girl thing...


Leeanne said...

So here are my "thoughts" Beccs... lol

I find this very interesting, it makes so much sense that I would love that feeling "the overdose of our minds and hormones" when I used to be depressed or feeling down I looked for attention and looked for that happy feeling in friends and boys..

If I only knew this before hand I think I would have certainly been more careful with these reactions and emotions.

Ah the complications we face.. It's a tough thing.. Being a women you

But yes, thank you for sharing the knowledge with me, I loved watching these videos.

Ill keep myself posted with any Vlog news and videos.. =-)

Bianca said...

It makes so much sense now! I am loving this blog because it is helping me understand about my complicatedness!! Thank you for the videos!

Debora Anjos said...

This was very informative and super helpful! - it makes it easier to see women understanding and helping each other!

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