The Origin of "Complicatedness"


Leeanne said...

I loved it.. Very interesting I might add. A chemical reaction. Wow, I am speechless.. I am definitely going to read this book.
It makes sense in a way, although it is unfortunate that emotions are going to lead many.
I am a mother myself and I certainly appreciate you all showing us this because I want to be wise and help my daughter through these moments.. Since they are inevitable according to Science.

Mrs. Evelyn dont forget to bill the 4 beautiful ladies on the Zebra

I want to see the next video.. Cant wait.

BTY 1 question, I dont know what day new videos are posted, is their any way I could find out? I usually just check Mondays and Fridays, but is there a certian day?? Just wondering Thanks. =-)

Camilla and Lynne said...

Thanks for your comment Leeanne, since we are complicated there is no set day of the week in which we post, however you can follow by email (submit your email on the right) and you will be notified every time we post something.

Norma Caceres said...

Thank you laidies I really enjoyed and it help me realize a few things ♥ God bless you guys? Laidies and I loved your host ♥ xoxoxoox

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