Uncomplicating Relationships....


Sibon Phiri said...

Jumping to conclusions can complicate relationships. Sometimes we assume things without getting the facts or knowing why the person is acting the way they are and this can cause a lot of problems.

I totally agree that we must be flexible because otherwise we will look bossy, proud and very annoying. This makes unapproachable and unattractive.

I think another tip to uncomplicate a relationship is not to dominate a conversation and sound patronizing when someone says something. I used to do this a lot until i learned I needed to listen more and let them be free to say whatever it is they wanted to say, instead of cutting into conversations so have my say.

ellie said...

Had I known this before, a lot of problems could have been avoided :)
Big hug :)

Carmen Madiba said...

Oh dear, this was real practical advice. It really help me as I was going through the same situation. Many thanks :)

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