New Beginnings...


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you back...
I really like this program, and I think that
it'll help a lot of people...

Please... don't stop the portuguese version :)

Kidszone USA said...

Wow! Am I happy to see you're back :)

I believe in new beginnings!
I believe in taking decisions that put our past behind us and start looking forward.
I've been there and I succeeded because I decided to be positive about it and to grab the opportunities that came into my life!

God bless you ladies! Kisses from NY city!

Sibon Phiri said...

Yaaay you're back after so long. What a great topic to start with. I've had to start again several times due to both untimely and unforeseen circumstances as well because if I carried on the way I was going I would end up in a mess. At first it's hard especially if you have I let go of what you've always known or are used to but once you do you realize it's one of the best decisions you've made. I thank God for the opportunity of being able to start anew every single day.

Rozzane Roy said...

That's so true, there's no "I have no choice" We do have the choice to start all over, have a new beginning. Loved it! Keep posting, please, I miss your posts! :)

L E V said...

Alynne & Camilla,

Well done, indeed! How wonderful to have you back!

Strong points that run the gamut! Yes, everything was great and you both covered a wide range for a vast majority of gals & women. Muito bom!

Thank you for sharing w/ us and I look forward to the next one.

P.S. Camilla, I haven't seen you for a bit.... your new you suits you. :)


Anonymous said...

New Beginning indeed, its great to have you back. Putting everything in the past stay in the past and looking forward.

Big Hugs!!!

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