Plastic surgery- can it make you happy?

Nowadays girls are getting plastic surgeries as their sweet 16 birthday gift instead of cars, and children are already being injected with botox- how far will this get?


Carmo Dinis said...

Hi girls! NIce job!

I was really shocked with the video! I mean a 7 years old talking like that, as all this surgery and botox thing is just like choosing where to have breakfast with her friends! Come on...give me a break!
Many parents are influencing their kids in a bad way, showing them the easy way to do or get things done. Where is this world going to?

At the age of 7 I was pretty much worried about sewing new clothes to my beautiful dolls rrsrrs and I was very happy with them and with myself! I was cute! kkkk

Monica marentes said...

Wow :/. No comments

Sibon Phiri said...

The attitude of the woman who bought her 7 year old daughter a plastic surgery voucher shocked me.

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